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Project Almanac (2015) – Bluray Screencaptures

775 Bluray-Screencaptures from the movie Project Almanac (2015) have been added to the gallery

A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.

The Mick – 1.17 The Intruder [HD Screencaptures + Stills]

A pair of intruders are caught breaking into the Pemberton mansion.

Television > The Mick > HQ Stills > 1.17 “The Intruder”
Television > The Mick > HD Screencaptures > 1.17 “The Intruder”

The Mick – 1.15 & 1.16 [HD Screencaptures + Stills]

1.15 The Sleepover
A popular kid in Chip’s class arrives for a sleepover; Mickey and Alva try to help Ben overcome his fear of monsters.

1.16 The Implant
Mickey decides to dissuade Sabrina from getting breast implants by doing a test-run in public.

Television > The Mick > Screencaptures > 1.15 “The Sleepover”
Television > The Mick > Screencaptures > 1.16 “The Implant”
Television > The Mick > Stills > 1.15 “The Sleepover”
Television > The Mick > Stills > 1.16 “The Implant”

The Mick – 1.12 The Wolf [HD Screencaptures + Stills]

When it seems as though Chip is getting scammed by a girl he met online, Mickey tries to teach him how to be a “wolf” vs. a “sheep.” Meanwhile, Sabrina is scared that her boyfriend is beginning to mirror Jimmy’s ways and she plans an intervention.

Television > The Mick > 1.12 “The Wolf” > Screencaptures
Television > The Mick > 1.12 “The Wolf” > Stills

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Video + Screencaptures

The Mick – 1.11 The New Girl [HD Screencaptures]

When Mickey believes Ben’s school is discriminating against him, she stands up for her nephew. Meanwhile, Sabrina and Chip spend time with Alba and learn some surprising things about her.

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