The Mick – 2.11 & 2.12 [HD Screencaptures + Stills]

2.11 The Trip
Sabrina believes she’s a shoe-in at Yale, but on the day of her interview, she takes a risk that may ruin her chances and jeopardize her future. Meanwhile, Alba gets a visit from her cousin and must pretend to be a maid again, so her family doesn’t disown her.

2.12 The City
Mickey and the gang spend a weekend at the family’s Manhattan penthouse. While there, Chip visits his biological father.

Television > The Mick > Screencaptures > 2.11 “The Trip”
Television > The Mick > Screencaptures > 2.12 “The City”
Television > The Mick > Stills > 2.11 “The Trip”
Television > The Mick > Stills > 2.12 “The City”

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